The foundation of Güneyliler Gıda who continues to climbs on the steps to success by leaving behind 40 years with full of pride is laid as Güneyliler Family Grosery in 1973 and in 1995 reached current legal entity. Becoming the symbol of high principles and stability in every field it entered, Güneyliler never made consessions on quality within its services including the brands for which dealership services were provided. At the begininng of 1997, it adopted the distribution model from the big manufacturers. Producing such as pickles and olives from the world's most consumed food products under the brand name "GÜNEYBAĞ", Güneyliler Gıda has acquired a facility in the European Standards in the year 2013, which has the high tonage and technology production capacity.In line with our goal of becoming a company symbolizing quality, all process of the product until reaching the consumer being under the supervision of the expert and technical staff , using of modern techniques and latest technology, expansion of product portfolio to enhance taste permanence, sustainability and customer satisfaction and in carrying those out; to take measures to protect the environment, , to invest in human beings and to support agricultural production through contract farming, to keep employee motivation high and to increase productivity are requirements of our quality policy.