From Çukurova To Tables...

Çukurova plain (Cilicia Plain), one of the most fertile lands of not only Turkey, but also the world, continues to make very valuable contributions to the national economy as it has done for centuries.Benign lands of Çukurova generously offer all kinds agricultural products that can be grown in Turkey except tea and hazelnuts, even for a few times during the year.

Vegetables used as the raw materials of GÜNEYBAĞ branded products are cultivated by Güneyliler company through "Contract Farming" performed on fertile lands of Çukurova.

GÜNEYBAĞ presents healthy and delicious products to tables as an output of a production process in which all materials from the seed to prescribed pesticides and fertilizers being applied in accordance with scientific standarts and all stages from planting to the factory being kept under strict control of agricultural engineers.